moneySubsidies to eco houses by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management::
  • Program is implemented in the years 2013-2022.

  • Program is targeting natural persons who wish to construct a single-family house or purchase a developer house/flat.
  • Subsidy consists in a partial bank credit repayment taken for construction/purchase of a house or purchase of a flat.
  • Subsidy will be paid once the venture has been completed and once a required energy standard has been confirmed.
  • The amount of subsidy with regard to single-family houses equals as follows:

a) standard NF40 – EUco ≤ 40 kWh/(m2*year) – subsidy PLN 30 000 (gross);

b) standard NF15 – EUco ≤ 15 kWh/(m2*year) – subsidy PLN 50 000 (gross);

  • Costs which could be financed via a subsidy credit:

- Purchase and assembly of building structural elements (e.g.: wall, ceiling, roof, floor, window frames and door frames insulation materials);

- Purchase and assembly of ventilation systems with heat recovery;

- Purchase and assembly of heating systems, production of domestic hot water systems, plumbing installations and electric system.

„Mieszkanie dla Młodych” program [English: Flat for Young People program]:
  • Program is implemented in the years 2014-2018.

  • Program allows of obtaining a subsidy in the form of funds to our own contribution.
  • Persons who plan to purchase a single-family house on the primary market up to 100m2 or 110m2 can be program beneficiaries if a purchaser raises at least three children.
  • Persons aged up to 35 can apply for the subsidy (in the case of married couples, an age of a younger spouse prevails).
  • Price of a house cannot exceed the index specified for the given location.
  • Persons who have a single-family house can apply for a partial VAT refund for construction materials.
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